Military Leaders to Convene and Discuss Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) Payload Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP)

NEW YORK, Sep 22, 2010 – The Institute for Defense and Government Advancement (IDGA) announces the first annual UAV Payloads Summit scheduled for December 6 — 8, 2010 in the Washington DC area.

Program managers, technical directors, engineers, and strategists from military, industry, and academia will join to discuss, evaluate, and lay the groundwork for the development of UAV payload solutions. As more money is being allocated to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for an increasing number of military and civilian missions, the need for specialized payloads is crucial.

“We’re honored to have representation from some of the most important organizations, including AFRL, ARL, CERDEC, DARPA, NRL, ORNL, who will be able to speak about payload developments for ISR, communications, networking, and more,” said program Director Holly Schneider Brown. “In addition, delegates will also learn about the most critical gaps between current capabilities and future needs.” Specific summit topics include the following: — Reducing size, weight, and power (SWaP), particularly for small UAVs — Latest research and development in Radar, Sensors, Networking, and more — Efforts toward standardization and interoperability: advancements in common architectures and standard interfaces — A dedicated focus day for Technology Applications The speaker roster includes: — Col James Gear, USAF, Director, Air Force UAS Task Force — CAPT (ret) Ted Venable, CNT Program Manager, COMUSNAVSO/COMFOURTHFLT — CDR Jack Thomas, USN, Section Head, US Navy UAS Requirements — Dr. Leslie S. Perkins, AFRL Lead for Micro Air Vehicles, US Air Force — Dr. Todd C. Hughes, Program Manager, DARPA Adaptive Execution Office — An entire speaker list can be found on the event’s website.

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