Hoverfly PRO takes flight

Hoverfly PRO

A new multicopter control board comes to market this week for $360.  The Hoverfly PRO employs two Parallax processors,the same as used in the AttoPilot autopilot. It just requires motors,  speed controllers and a receiver to stabilize platforms with four to eight motors. The computing power available allows for real time roll and pitch correction. With a built in OSD and camera XY outputs the Hoverfly PRO adds up to a powerful start point for multi rotor flight. The only thing not included is a GPS for waypoint navigation. Perhaps that’s a wise attempt to avoid ITAR restrictions imposed on autopilot manufacturers based in the USA.

From Hoverflys website

Feature List

– Plug-N-Fly – just hookup to your quad and fly.  No calibration software and no tweaking needed.

– All boards come fully assembled.  The HoverflyPro is precision manufactured.  Sensors are the smallest on the market and the entire board is assembled by pick-and-place robots.

– Features 2 Parallax Propeller MCUs that provide a total of 16 microprocessors running in parallel for the fastest data collection and control of your Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs).

– MCUs operate at 80Mhz for a total of over a GHz of processing power.

– Operates with Brushed or Brushless motors.

– Support for standard PWM Speed Controllers (I2C is not required).

– On-board voltage conversion switches automatically for 5.0V or 6.0V ESCs.

– UltraPWM technology means better stability. The PWM signal is compressed to achieve a faster update rate without using I2C ESCs.

– Scalable Control – Use any size motor or frame.  HoverflyPro is capable of running very large motors.

– Not limited to tiny cameras. You pick the motors, battery and frame for the payload you want to carry.

– On-board voltage regulation. Input power range 6V-15V.

– Direct USB programming. No need to connect flight battery for programming. Use the Windows update client and any mini-USB cable to connect to the HoverflyPro.  Programming clip no longer needed.

– Position holding gyros on all axes.

– FREE software upgrades. Windows update client notifies you of software updates. A simple USB connection provides quick and easy software updates.

– You choose the configuration. Quad, Hex, or Octo.  In Quad configuration you can pick “+” or “X” orientation.

– Altitude hold via barometer / accelerometer

– Auto leveling

– Automatic Pitch,Roll compensation for video and still cameras.

– Built in control for pan/tilt when in altitude hold mode

– Simple to use. Comprehensive instructions to ensure your success.

– Use any receiver and transmitter. HoverflyPro automatically senses and uses any PWM input.

– Basic and Aerobatic mode. Basic uses accelerometer to keep the quad level when the sticks are centered. It limits the maximum bank angle achievable. Aerobatic allows the user to rely on the gyros only for stable, but more extreme performance.