T-Hawk for Brigade Combat Team Modernization

T Hawk MAV

PHOENIX, August 24, 2010  —  Honeywell (NYSE: HON) announced it will provide Class I Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) systems, training and logistics support as part of an $11 million contract for the low-rate initial production of the initial brigade set of the Brigade Combat Team Modernization (BCTM) Increment 1 capabilities.  Honeywell supports the BCTM team led by Boeing that will equip the first Infantry Brigade Combat Team.

“The Class I UAV is an essential asset for identifying improvised explosive devices and other hazards facing soldiers,” said Vicki Panhuise, Honeywell Vice President, U.S. Defense Customers.  “It is the only unmanned system with hovering capability to identify opposing forces located on roof tops, within buildings and along maneuver routes well in advance of the Army unit.”

The Class 1 Unmanned Aerial System, branded by Honeywell as T-Hawk™ micro air vehicle, is a 17-pound vehicle that can hover and stare with an option of electro optical and infrared camera for real-time surveillance without exposing soldiers to enemy fire.

The T-Hawk can take off and land vertically and can fly more than 40 minutes.  In addition, the vehicle can move at more than 40 knots of airspeed and operates at density altitudes of more than 7,500 feet.  Other versions of the T-Hawk have been fielded in Afghanistan and Iraq with the U.S. Army and Navy, and are on order for the U.K. Ministry of Defense.  Each vehicle is small enough to carry in a backpack, weighing less than 20 pounds when fueled and measuring 14 inches in diameter.
Low-rate initial production will allow for the capabilities to be fielded to the 3rd Brigade Combat Team of the 1st Armored Division for initial operational test and evaluation beginning in 2011.

The contract award follows a successful production review by the Defense Acquisition Board in December.
A key element of BCTM, Increment 1 will provide soldiers with enhanced intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities, as well as increased survivability and lethality.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Honeywell’s aerospace business is a leading global provider of integrated avionics, engines, systems and service solutions for aircraft manufacturers, airlines, business and general aviation, military, space and airport operations.

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