Mad Bull Airsoft UAV multicopter

Mad Bull UAV

The popularity of multi rotor platforms never ends.

A dream come true for those that dress in green and play in the woods, their own COD MW2 drone from which to shout enemy spotted.

Taiwanese company Mad Bull are now bringing a copy of the MK Hexacopter to market by year end. Paint ball operators in the UK will have to be very aware of complying with the law when operating in commercial games. As it carries a camera its an unmanned aerial system. Its said to have a US$15,000 price tag.

It does have a very neat looking ground station

Mad Bull controller

In their own words Mad Bull are:-

MAD BULL Airsoft, established in 2004, is world famous for it’s Airsoft accessories. Our major focus points are: Airsoft guns, Airsoft Toy Launchers, Airsoft Toy B.B. Showers, and Upgrade kits. We have a very strong R&D team and we put a lot of effort in designing new and exciting new products for the airsoft community.

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