ITT introduces Wide Area Airborne Surveillence

ITT is introducing new  Wide Area Airborne Surveillance (WAAS) sensor architecture and a special WAAS payload at the AUVSI 2010 exhibition opened today in Denver, CO. The new architecture enables the warfighter to access collection of data from multiple sources. The new stabilized multi-megapixel-class day/night payload designated WAAS-W comprises a turret sensor designed to operate with the new architecture.

WAAS-W generates multiple high resolution views of specific regions, simultaneously, across the payload’s widest footprint, enabling users to track multiple targets in different parts of the field of view. The system enables the user to instantly obtain high resolution, detailed images sufficient to track dismounts. The payload uses two separate imagers, 160 day/night imager and 64 megapixel mid-wave infrared imagers covering a wide field of view with fixed optics, producing two simultaneous feeds updated at a rate of several frames per second.

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