Google deny testing drone.

Techradar reports that Google does not have a business relationship with Microdrones and is not using their products for Street View tests.

Its increased Microdrones web presence no end, perhaps Google should sandbox them for a while!

Google and drones keep bumping into each other, in 2009 The Times of London reported that Google Earth images proved that US drones were based in Pakistan The images have since been removed. Perhaps somewhat tongue in cheek the paper suggests, “The Google Earth image now suggests that the US began launching Predators from Shamsi — built by Arab sheiks for falconry trips — at least three years ago.”

It will be interesting watching this story spin around the  newspaper world for the next few days and in this modern world of Chinese whispers seeing exactly how the story grows. At the minute Andy Greenberg at Forbes has the most measured response.

One things for sure, as European airspace begins to open up to sUAS use manufacturers will do anything to get to the top of the heap. The old phrase buyer beware, could not be more appropriate for the current market.