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Chinese UAV

China UAV

I’m not sure if thats the intended name or not, but thats whats being used. It represents the largest platform so far to be offered for sale from China, a country that’s big enough to support a UAS industry all on its own.  Many people are being stung with low quality airframes and autopilots that seem to come out every other day at the moment but China UAV looks like the real deal. The patch antennas on the wingtips point to the design actually being used.

China UAV Specifications
Wing Span : 6.0 m
Length : 3.2 m
Cabin Width : 0.55 m
Height : 0.84 m
Empty Structure Weight ( Does not include fuel ) : 35 kg
Max Takeoff Weight : 70 kg
Fuel tank capacity : 30 litre
Endurance : >6 hours
Use overload : 4 g
Min Horizontal Speed : 70 km/h
Max Horizontal Speed : 160 km/h
Take-off run distance : 50 m
FRP and Honeycomb structure Advanced Composite Materials

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