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A J S Support Limited

Experienced, professional and qualified equipment and support specialists, delivering flexible and effective solutions and services scaled to suit your requirements. Security cleared and with over 25 years experience in the research, design and implementation of equipment support. In 2009 AJS qualified as a supplier under the UK Ministry of Defence’s (MoD) Framework Agreement for Technical Support (FATS3).SERVICE DEVELOPMENT sUAV low level aerial surveys. See the Remote Imagery

Adaptive Flight

Adaptive Flight Inc. addresses the need for standardized high-performance avionics system solutions for small and medium-sized Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). We offer hardware, firmware and engineering services to the UAV industry.Through our close relationship with the Georgia Institute of Technology UAV Research Facility, we can offer complete UAV guidance solutions, including our FCS20 miniature autopilot, designed to meet the growing demand for advanced vehicle behavior in small UAVs.Based on extensive experiences from both manned and unmanned aviation, we have the vision and the talents required to position ourselves as a provider of high-performance products for the rapidly growing industry of unmanned vehicles, both in the air and on the ground.

ADE (Aeronautical Development Establishment)


Advanced Aerial Imagery

Advanced Aerial Imagery can provide a complete imagery service. Whether you require still or video photographs. Aerial or ground based, external or internal, architectural or promotional. For specialist applications we can fly indoors and also provide ground based 360° “Virtual Tours”. We have specialist cameras for both still and video work, ensuring you of the best quality imagery.

Advanced Intelligent Reconnaisance Systems (A.I.R.S.)

Advanced Intelligent Reconnaissance Systems (A.I.R.S.) develops state-of-the-art platforms for remote controlled reconnaissance missions. The drone aircraft platforms are designed with a small to medium form factor, which provides for a cost effective and easy to deploy and operate unit.Safety and security is of primary concern, and each aerial platform has several fail-safes built in. All platforms are designed for mission success and for the protection of any population within its range.

Aerial Robotics

PTERYX UAV A fully autonomous robotCreate up-to date maps and photos for your business! Sold tuned and flight tested.Just install your favorite camera/equipment in the nose,attend the introductory lessons and fly

Aerial technology International

ATI offers a vast array of high end photographic multi-rotor aircraft to include aircraft from DJI, Aeronavics, Droid Works and more. Licensed distributors of Flir and gopro as well. Our facility is based in Oregon. We have the capability to design, build, test and train our clients on the latest technologies. We are best known for our high end filming and custom building skills.

Aerius Photonics

Aerius develops and manufactures miniature laser rangefinders, low-light camera sensors, high power laser illuminators, pointers, and markers. Aerius’ 22 gram miniature laser rangefinders are used as proximity sensors, height above ground sensors, laser altimeters, and scanning point source ladar/lidar transceivers. Aerius’ 640x512 low dark current SWIR InGaAs focal plane arrays (FPA) are used for uncooled low light imaging. Aerius’ advanced compact SWIR and NIR laser illuminators offer improved low-light imaging for EO and SWIR cameras. Our unique semiconductor laser and detector products and subsystems are used in rangefinders, SWIR cameras, illuminators, markers, pointers, solid-state lasers and other precision IR instruments.

Aeroflight Technology




Aeroland UAV

Please enter a brief (800 characters or less) description of the organization (text only, no HTML, line breaks, or formatting)...Aeroland UAV Inc. delivers high performance Unmanned Aircrafts. With the core competencies of unmanned aircraft aerodynamics design, high performance materials application, unmanned aircraft manufacturing and testing, as well as UAV mission payload-aircraft integration, Aeroland UAV Inc. provides the best cost-performance unmanned aircraft solutions for UAV industry. Unmanned aircraft products and their major specifications are (maximum take-off weight / payload capacity / endurance in hour / endurance in length): AL-4 (4.2kg/1kg/1hr./50km), AL-20 (20kg/1.5kg/20hrs./2000km), AL-40 (40kg/10kg/4.5hrs./450km), AL120 (120kg/30kg/12hrs./1200km)



Aeronautic Enterprises Inc.

Specializing in prototype machine work and electronics for Aerospace and Aeronautics.

Aeropoint Aviation Systems

Aeropoint Aviation Systems, Inc., is developing a networked software platform solution for autonomous unmanned aircraft systems. This platform solution facilitates aircraft control, flight planning management and regulatory compliance of autonomous unmanned commercial aircraft in global air space. Our core business is software that enables several key functions required to operate and manage autonomous unmanned flight operations.


Aeroscout provides autonomously flying, industrial unmanned helicopters for aerial imagery and photogrammetry, aerial video recording, surveillance and inspection, 3D laser mapping, search & rescue, aerial scientific measurements (online/offline), and many other applications with an airborne robot.

Aerosight Civilian UAV

Aerosight Civilian UAV is an Oregon, USA based company that specializes in out of the box and innovative thinking. We are a company of up beat individuals capable of CAD engineering, prototype development, manufacture and sales. We also offer unsurpassed customer service with your goals in mind first and foremost.


Founded in 1995, Aerosonde Pty Ltd designs, manufactures and services a range of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) of the same name. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the company’s employees are experienced in all facets of unmanned aviation — providing a single resource for customers seeking either systems or operational services.


AEROVISION is a company incorporated in 2003 to design, manufacture, and market low-cost Unmanned Air Systems (U.A.S.)This company originates in a initiative by a group of aeronautical experts and specialists in aerodynamics and model aviation, who wanted to develop solutions for specific aerial monitoring and detection tasks, through the use of Unmanned Air Systems.


AgPixel is a image processing system for remote sensing of agriculture. AgPixel software is designed to precisely interpret images acquired through unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), as well as satellite and high altitude imagery.AgPixel is designed to help provide that assistance in understanding the data with advanced tools such as multiple vegetation indices, atmospheric correction, pixel selection, analysis, comparisons, supervised and unsupervised classifications, and exporting.


Aibotix is one of the leading innovators in the field of hexacopters. We combine know-how and passion to advance the development of premium UAV drones. In our work we stretch the boundaries of artificial intelligence and robotics to offer our clients from industry, film and science individual and highly automated solutions. The extraordinary easy steering via Tablet-PC, the full protection of the rotors and our modern camera suspension for shake-free aerial videos are just a few examples that show how we transform the future of hexacopters into reality.

Albatross International

Albatross International is a specialised aerospace consultancy. We help government and commercial clients understand their aerospace and communications needs and deliver full operational support solutions. We are impartial to the market, seeking the most suitable, efficient and effective solutions for our clients.

Alliance Lp Drones

We market low-cost unmanned air vehicles (UAVs). Alliance Lp offers high-tech drone platforms of small and medium size, vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial vehicles (VTOL UAVs).

American Dynamics Flight Systems

American Dynamics Flight Systems is an advanced technology development company located in the United States focused on the development of innovative aerospace and defense systems and technologies.The company’s vision is to develop and field the most capable VTOL unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).


Arcturus UAV airframes are the most rugged airframes available. Hollow molded using fiberglass, Kevlar, and carbon fiber, our airframes are built tough to keep flying in the most punishing battlefield applications.ServiceableModular design means user friendly, in-the-field serviceability for quick re-configuration or component replacement. Engine modules, wings, and avionics components can be replaced in minutes.Next to their reputation for toughness, our T-15 and T-16 families of off-the-shelf airframes are known for their flying efficiency and the ability to be configured for endurance of over 24 hours. Our motor modules have been designed to provide the utmost in reliability, fuel efficiency and low noise signature.


Opensource autopilot

Arrown Geospatial

ArrowN, an India based company, focuses in providing UAV Image processing services,CAD data conversion services and GIS to diverse fields. Our endeavour is to provide superior quality service using standard and reliable methods; still cost-efficient. Comprising of a committed and versatile team of GIS professionals, we leverage on the deep domain knowledge to deliver solutions that enhances operational decision making. We cater to customers both in the public and private sectors.

Ascending Technologies

Our company name is symbolic for innovative multi-rotor flying platforms (so called UAV, UAS, MAV or aerial robots). With long years of experience in this field, coupled with a strong passion for flying robots this is a guaranteeing driver for the development of elaborate and innovative aerial robots. Our products have more than once created shattering revolutions in the "Multi-rotor UAV world".No matter what application or field of interest you have, Ascending Technologies is able to provide you with a multiplicity of solutions: from a series production model to a highly customized flying system that meets your needs

Asmara Aerospace

Asmara Aerospace is a provider of robust UAV composite airframes. Our company also provides UAV Systems training in the safe environment of classrooms, laboratories and flying fields under the supervision of trained instructors.

AttoPilot LLC

AttoPilot is a small autopilot system capable of flying any fixed wing aircraft even in high winds. Thanks to the adaptive algorithms, 50Hz attitude control, and automatic gain scheduling based on airspeed, AttoPilot brings features to the sub-$1k autopilot market that were previously reserved for autopilots costing 10x more. AttoPilot includes over 100 user configurable parameters, integrated power sensing, integrated logging of 70 parameters to micro-SD card at up to 5Hz, 3D waypoints with airspeed targets and 6 scripting parameters, and several special features for crystal clear geo-referenced aerial photography

Aurora Flight Sciences

The Advanced Concepts business sector provides rapid prototyping capabilities to Aurora and its customers. With over 20 years of experience and more than one new flying prototype per year, Aurora has a proven history of taking the most challenging air vehicle designs from concept to flight test in record time

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