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If you are a professional you need a professional tool for the job. For photo-mapping task, Pteryx UAV is the ultimate choice. Made by a group of engineers with unique practical experience, delivers what you need the most: dependable and easy to use source of aerial photos.

Heavy Duty
Pteryx UAV is made of various advanced composites and hard wood. Its fuselage can withstand multiple landings without noticeable wear, far beyond what any RC model can offer. Wings and tail are hard enough to land in bushes, on ice, or daily handling. Failsafe construction features will most probably save your Pteryx, even if you will land on a tree It is made to last.

The best way to make your UAV dependable is to keep it simple. The less servos you have, the fewer will brake. The less electrical connections you have, the less is probability of plug failure.

Pteryx UAV uses only two critical servos. There are no electrical connections during assembly. Servos are easy to inspect and are placed in a covered servo bay. It is really hard to break them.

Even in the most unfortunate case of propulsion or servo failure the autopilot will deploy parachute below critical altitude.

Ease of use
You do not have to be a RC pilot to successfully operate Pteryx UAV, even if it is a highly recommended knowledge. Takeoff and landing are fully automatic. All you really need to do is to select a pre-programmed mission and push the takeoff button. Pteryx will fly its mission and return to you on a parachute.  It can be also operated tha same way as a very stable flying RC model.
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