Eagle Y6 mapping drone


We are happy to present the EAGLE  Y6 mapping drone, a turnkey solution for mapping based on the Y6 drone from 3DR with our own touch, aimed to professional users. The Eagle Y6 multirotor mapping system is designed to create professional ultra-high resolution DEMs…

RPD’s newest tool – unmanned aerial vehicle


Frank Denzler Rushville Republican Rushville Republican Monday, Rushville Chief of Police Craig Tucker announced that for the past 12 months, the department he heads has had an unmanned aerial vehicle (drone). He added that currently law enforcement departments in Hancock and…

Amazon’s Drone Dream Sets Off Race to Build Better Sensor


By Thomas Black In the quest to build drones that can help companies like Amazon.com Inc. make door-to-door deliveries, engineers are racing to overcome a fundamental challenge: helping unmanned, suitcase-sized aircraft see where they’re going. The answer is developing sensors that are…

Electrical malfunction caused Md. drone crash


The flight was scheduled for a total air time of four hours. But unbeknownst to civilian contractors operating the unmanned aerial vehicle from the ground or their uniformed overseers at Patuxent River Naval Air Station in Maryland, it would end 15 minutes…

Sinclair forming drone partnership with Ohio State


Joe Cogliano Dayton Business Journal Sinclair Community College and The Ohio State University will team up to work on the booming unmanned aerial systems industry. The schools called a press conference on Monday morning in Dayton to unveil the partnership. It…

Two drones almost collide with NYPD chopper


By Larry Celona Two drones nearly took out an NYPD chopper over the George Washington Bridge on Monday, and cops arrested the wayward crafts’ operators, law-enforcement sources told The Post. The Aviation Unit helicopter was on patrol at around 12:15 a.m. when…

Kickstarter StitchCAM


The StitchCAM is a revolutionary new multispectral camera drone that simultaneously provides full color images and NIR data.  Now every farmer/greens keeper/developer can have NDVI on tap at the push of a button. View StitchCAM Kickstarter for more information

AeroVironment Seen Flying High As Drone Uses Expand


By GILLIAN RICH, INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY Commercial drone testing is expanding, and AeroVironment’s (NASDAQ:AVAV) fourth-quarter results are seen benefiting from the new regulations in the industry. Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters are expecting AeroVironment to post EPS of 22 cents vs. a loss…