Outback Challenge 2009

2009 the year of the great fire…


The Teams in the order they were announced having qualifyed, as much as I can find about each.

1. Melbourne UAV


“At least we were the first team to make it outside the airport in 3 years of competition! We got around 2.7Km’s out when our failsafe activated. We’ll be back next year! Game on

2. Team Galah

3. Team Heads Up UAV

4. Open UAS

5. Team Rocky

6. Team Javelin

7. Team Jatayu


9. Cooee Rescue

10. Team Sasha

11. University of Adeladie


Airborne Delivery Challenge:

1. Wynnum North State High School
2. The Young Guns (Kingaroy State High School)
3. The Flying Nutters (Kingaroy State High School)
4. Stihl Flying (Kingaroy State High School)
5. Cloud 9 (Aviation High)
6. AV8 (Aviation High) 

7. MUROC Mozzies

8. MUROC Dingoes

9. MUROC Brumbies

In the Robot Airborne Delivery Challenge:

1. MUROC Bush-Rangers

2. MUROC Bush-Bashers

3. Look mAh, no hands! (Brisbane Grammar School)

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