FAA 333 Exemption Holders, commercial drone operators in America.

Who they are, where they are and what they operate. Your quick overview of Americas FAA 333 exempt drone operators.

At the time of writing the FAA has issued more than 1900 exemptions to operators of unmanned aircraft in America. The uses are varied and many but the majority of 333 holders are flying multirotors.

I’m not surprised to see a 333 holder from Canada but Switzerland and the UK was interesting.

If you would like to see drone tail numbers for the USA please go to www.suasnews.com/drone-spotters

This list is ever changing so check back to see if a drone operator has started up in your area. Here is where they are, click on the red dots to reveal the details.




For added excitement, here are the fixed wing and multirotor drones receiving N numbers: www.suasnews.com/drone-spotters

In theory anything with an N number should be going about peaceful business. There are many thousands of sUAS and larger platforms operated by the military. But I think the civil sector will outnumber them within 5 years, maybe less.

DJI are well ahead of the pack. It should be remembered that most of AeroVironments entries were from pre 333 days along with several other vendors with aircraft using the normal COA system.

There are also quite a few people registered as manufacturers by the FAA using 3DR or DJI platforms but in the big scheme of things they make a very small percentage difference.

These are all work-in-progress and we are always looking at ways to display our data better so check back every now and then to see what geeky ways we have come up with to show all the bits.