Local farm service brings drone use to area


Eric Lagatta BAKERSVILLE – Crop consultants at TMK Bakersville know farmers can try to use planes over their fields or walk through them to find problems, but they think the most efficient method is remotely controlled. Technology that was once associated…

Design of Small, Safe and Robust Quadrotor Swarms


This work presents the capabilities and demonstrates the robustness of the “Pico Quadrotor” – the smallest autonomous quadrotor at the time of publication of this video. We also demonstrate the pico quadrotor’s ability to fly in formations and its robustness…

Illegal drone use a growing issue at sports venues


BY ROB HARRIS  AP SPORTS WRITER LONDON (AP) — Long after drones became a key tool for militaries and spy agencies, authorities now realize the threat they can pose to sports events. It’s not multimillion-dollar military-grade drones prompting concerns, but remote…