Category: Multirotor

Airnamics R5


by One of the larger multirotors on the market and perhaps the coolest looking! The eight rotors mean it will keep flying if one fails and be home in time for tea and medals. I predict many copy cat smaller…

Drone joins battle for coastal roads


by Southern roading company Fulton Hogan has begun using a six-bladed hexi-copter drone fitted with a video camera to survey North Otago’s eroding coastline. The survey is for the Waitaki District Council, which will use the footage to find and…

Droning presents its new professional multirotor RPA DE820


by DRONING Sistemas Aéreos (, an Spanish company dedicated to RPA design and manufacturing, launches its new high-performance RPA DE820 to operate in different areas as environmental, agricultural, inspection and surveying. Being a genuine development, it is tailored to best…