Don’t ground unmanned aircraft in state


BY ERIC FOLKESTAD From Amazon to Facebook to Domino’s Pizza, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) have been drawing considerable attention lately. But as the nation moves forward with innovative ways to potentially utilize this technology, Washington has taken a step in…

Amazon Set-Top Box REVEALED: It’s an Indoor Drone!


Andrew Wallenstein  Editor-in-chief The tech world’s favorite guessing game can finally be put to rest. A long-anticipated set-top box Amazon is expected to unveil at a press conference Wednesday is in fact an indoor drone, according to sources. The device will…

Firms set drone flight plans


By Bridget Vis The forecast for local businesses tied to hobbyist or commercial drones? It’s taking off, although uncertainty pegged to pending Federal Aviation Administration rules makes it an unchartered area to do business. Here’s a look at five Southeast Michigan companies focused…