It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s—AAAACK!


By Seth Stevenson I’m dreaming of a drone Christmas. Tiny drones tucked into stockings. Bigger drones beneath the tree. A drone for Dad, another for Junior, a third for your cool tween niece. Anecdotal reports suggest that drones are topping Christmas lists all over.…

HEXO+ BlackFriday Deal


Guys, all the contests we did on our channels have showed how much of an incredible community you are, helping us spread the word to achieve this aerial filming revolution together. We love this spirit. And would like to keep…

Wyden Asks FAA to Stop Foot-Dragging on Drone Regulations


Kirsten Nicolaisen, GoLocalPDX Digital Producer Senator Ron Wyden asked the FAA Tuesday Morning to stop foot-dragging on new regulations for unmanned drones. The uncertainty in rules governing Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), could delay growth in Oregon’s drone industry, according to Wyden.…