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We’re Back In Business


The announcement and implementation of C.F.R 14 Part 107 that will come August once again make the drone business a legal enterprise. While many agree that it is long overdue, it appears less onerous (the devil may still be in the details), than many had feared and is something that we can work with. My…

The Sky Guys close $350,000 private placement

The towers of downtown Toronto, Canada, seen from just above Yonge Street.

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the provincial capital of Ontario.

On the northwest shore of Lake Ontario but as far south as the French Riviera, Toronto is the largest urban centre in Canada and fifth largest in North America, with a population of over 2.5 million. It is the core of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and part of the Golden Horseshoe region of south-central Ontario, populated by over 8 million residents. 

People have lived in the area since shortly after the last ice age, but the urban centre dates to 1793, when British colonial officials founded the Town of York on the Upper Canadian frontier. That village grew to become the City of Toronto in 1834. 

As Canada's economic capital, Toronto leads in the aerospace sector, arts, business services, education, film, finance, media, medical research, publishing, software production, sports industries, telecommunication, television production, tourism, and transportation. The Toronto Stock Exchange, the world's sixth largest, is located in the city, along with most of Canada's corporations. The cost of living in Toronto is the highest in Canada. 

Toronto's labour force totalled more than 1.4 million in 2006, representing 20 per cent of the provincial labour force. Eighty percent of city residents work in service-producing industries.
About 49 percent of the population of Toronto was born outside Canada. Because of the city's relatively low crime rate, clean environment, and high standard of living, Toronto is consistently rated one of the world's most liveable cities by the Economist Intelligence Unit and the Mercer Quality of Living Survey. Actor Peter Ustinov referred to it in 1987 as "a kind of New York operated by the Swiss."

The name Toronto has a rich history. Originally, the term referred to The Narrows, a channel of water through which Lake Simcoe discharges into Lake Couchiching. The Mohawk called the narrows t

The Sky Guys Ltd., Canada’s leader in drone or Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV) enabled services and aerial photography, announced today it closed an initial $350,000 private placement through the issuance of 3,500,000 common shares at a price of $0.10 per common share.  The proceeds of the private placement will be used to accelerate new development…

Insitu Ushers in Next Generation of U.S. Coast Guard Aviation with Contract Award

ScanEagle US Coastguard

Insitu will provide unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) services via ScanEagle aboard one Coast Guard National Security Cutter (NSC) with three, one-year options following a contract award announcement this week. The Coast Guard procured the necessary services through a pre-existing multiple award contract executed by Naval Air Systems Command. The initial $4.5-million task order includes operation,…

The Truth about Drones in Precision Agriculture


Over the past few years, the press has emphasized how much commercial drones will be used to improve farming. The assumption is that drones provide more accurate data for use in variable rate technology (VRT) so farmers who use drones will experience increased yields. But truth be told very little has been written about the…

Latitude Engineering HQ-60B


Latitude Engineering has conducted over 15 test flights of HQ-60B aircraft in the last month on two different airframes. The aircraft is the final version of the HQ-60 platform, which is designed for 12lbs of payload and > 15 hours of endurance. Two fuel injected engines are being evaluated for reliability and fuel economy during…

Sprite, coaxial helicopter

Inflight 1

Remember Sprite? The clever coaxial ardupilot helicopter. On Kickstarter 532 backers pledged $406,061 to bring it too life. A new video has hit YouTube. Dimensions & Performance Length: 13.2 inches (350mm) Diameter: 3.8 inches (100mm) Weight: 2.6 lbs. (1,200g) with battery and standard camera Displacement: 215 cu. in. (3,520 cc) Endurance: approximately 10-12 minutes on…

3DR Announces Investment from Autodesk


3DR announces investment from Autodesk® to continue the development of Site Scan™, the Premier Aerial Data Capture and Analytics Platform. Last week, during the first Autodesk Forge conference, we announced that 3DR received an important investment from Autodesk, makers of powerful and popular desktop software programs used by top construction, engineering, and surveying firms around…

Flirtey Conducts First U.S. Ship-to-Shore Drone Delivery


Independent drone delivery service Flirtey and Dr. Timothy Amukele at Johns Hopkins successfully conducted the first ship-to-shore drone delivery in the U.S. on the New Jersey coastline, for the United Nations and the American Red Cross. “Imagine a future where in the event of a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy, Flirtey drones rapidly deliver emergency…

Good news for Ag drones in America


An Easter egg hidden within the new Part 107. Most folks flagged no BVLOS, but the FAA are going to let you operate from a moving vehicle. Just as long as people are not around. A great no BVLOS cheat. I wonder if this will tip sales in favour of fixed wing aircraft with a…

Over 25 Million Acres of Images Captured by Single Drone Solutions Company


Sentera, LLC, sensors have officially captured over 25,000,000 acres of images. Sentera’s AgVault™ 2.0 Software translates this imagery into actionable data for the precision agriculture industry. Sentera’s unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), precision sensors, and software are recognized by customers for their precision and accuracy, and the ability to capture images of more acres in less time…