DJI Sponsors SUSB Expo RC AP Workshop


DJI is sponsoring the RC Aerial Photography/Cinematography workshop with Gus Calderon. Gus was recently in the news as one of the folks behind Lady GaGa’s flying dress, and the owner of IsisCopter., He is also Executive producer of the documentary “Civilian…

RC Airplane Flight Across the USA – MyGeekShow


sUAS News has backed Trent so should you! A young man that has shown hard work pays off. His posts on DIY Drones have documented the challenges he has faced and knowledge acquired in a charming modest way. Back him here…

No, Seriously, There Were Drones at Coachella


By Andrea Domanick Remember our April Fool’s post earlier this month, about drones at Coachella? Well, it turns out we were prophetic. Those hovering propeller-powered crafts have indeed arrived at Coachella. They could be spotted this year floating surreptitiously above the crowds,…