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Introducing Novadrone Nomad

Novadrone, headquartered in Seville (Spain), recently launched its Nomad RPAS system to provide automated aerial images for mapping and surveillance professionals. Full manufactured in advanced composites, Kevlar and Carbon Fiber, Nomad is an industrial grade drone ready to work in adverse conditions. Its great inflight stability, ensure more accurate and trustworthy results, delivering high resolution georeferenced images, 2D maps and 3D models.

To increase the mapping professional business performance and reduce operational costs, Nomad is a versatile platform and includes a modular support or POD for payload and sensors. This support, also full manufactured in advanced composites, includes anti-vibration systems to ensure the capture of perfect images with any type of sensor. The Nomad POD could carry virtually any combination of sensor including RGB, Thermal or Multispectral cameras. This allow Nomad to be used in several applications like mapping, agriculture, forestry and surveillance.

With a Safety First design in mind, Nomad integrate a sonar sensor and full flaps acting as airbrakes during landing. This ensure very accurate and slow speed landings to protect the airframe, electronics and sensors. With an endurance over 2 hours, Nomad is a very efficient platform and require less flights, less take-off and landings to complete wide areas or large corridors projects, meaning less operational risks.

Reliability of the Nomad system is guarantee with the selection of professional, industrial grade components. Its autopilot, full integrated by the Novadrone’s engineering team, has a Medium Time Between Failures over 49.000 hours and since 1994 is the choice of over 850 customers in 70 countries. Moreover, all the components, including servos horns and arms are protected inside the fuselage from dust, shock and hooks, to avoid wasting time and costs for breakage.

Security is still the pending issue in the drone market. Novadrone is at the forefront of drone engineering, offering the Nomad system with all the telemetry and command and control communications full encrypted by the AES 128/256 algorithm, the standard in worldwide security communications.

Novadrone’s innovative approach makes RPAS mapping a very accessible and also accurate tool. The Nomad system include several RTK/PPK options to increase accuracy down to 1.3 cm/RMS without the use of Ground Control Points.

In the aim to bring the training and support service near the end customers, Novadrone is starting the develop of a global reseller network, starting partnerships with well stablished companies in the mapping and surveillance industry.  

About Novadrone

Founded in 2012, Novadrone is an engineering company and drone manufacturer that produces high quality drones for professional use in commercial applications, using only the highest quality technology and materials combined with innovative design. Novadrone is focused on enabling better quality information, rapid response, better decision making, reduced operating costs, improved profitability and reduced risk to people and projects. With an international presence, Novadrone participate in R&D projects with Universities, Research Centers and other private companies. These projects allow us to develop innovative products, algorithms and procedures to be at the forefront of the drone engineering industry.

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