Parrot Disco and Sequioa multispectral camera

I know for certain there is one fault in Henri Seydoux’s new flying wing launch video.

It won’t attract girlfriends, sorry its a fact of life!

Something that has, well not quite been bothering me. But interesting me is the space behind the flight battery.

It looks on first glance big enough to fit Parrot’s multispectral camera the Sequoia.  Weighing 107 grammes it has four narrowband filters optimised for analysing crop health and a 16 MP RGB imager. Sequoia’s irradiance sensor and integrated GPS make it a one-stop shop for farm drones.

I know there are no holes in the bottom of the airframe and an aft CG in a flying wing is horrid. But there are groves in that space. What is made to fit that space?

The Disco’s range and speed would make it a perfect younger brother for the eBee. Made for one job, agricultural missions.

It would get people into the Bebop-Disco-eBee-Sequoia-PIX4D way of thinking.

Parrot was ahead of the crowd with the ARDrone and it could be argued kicked off home drones.

I have a feeling they just kickstarted a flying wing renaissance. It’s back to the future.



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