Altavian raises the bar with new commercial drones at unprecedented prices


Altavian, Inc. today announced its new drone line up which sets the bar for the commercial sUAS category with advanced engineering at exceptionally affordable pricing.

The new aircraft include the Nova™ F7200, a fixed-wing plane designed for rugged missions with a sleek, highly-durable composite construction. The industrial-grade Nova F7200 is designed with a unique snaptogether assembly and touts the highest wind penetration of any hand-launchable system rated at 15 m/s with a 90 min endurance rate. Fully autonomous, the Nova F7200 has an amphibious option for landings in water.

“We’ve rebuilt the Nova from the ground up based on insights from large scale commercial operations, plus the incredible feedback from our user community,” states John Perry, Altavian’s CEO. “Our professional users rely on the Nova as a mature technology for day-to-day business operations; something no other drone system can offer on the market today.”

For close-range data capture or where landings are tightly constrained the all-new Galaxy™ R8700 Octocopter offers nimble flight characteristics and the same proprietary snap-on assembly and rugged construction of the fixed wing Nova. Powered by heavy-duty batteries, the Galaxy R8700 boasts a 30 minute flight endurance and full range of mapping payload options that are interchangeable with the Nova.

“Altavian is going to break the mold in commercial drones by offering each aircraft at just over $15,000,” says Altavian COO, Thomas Rambo. “We need to redefine customer expectations and stop overpaying for hobby aircraft and start funding what really matters; payloads and sensors. For the price of a car, would you rather be flying aerospace grade composites, or the foam out of your weekend beer cooler? We think this pricing will get more planes into the hands of folks who can utilize the technology in their professions on a daily basis.”

The Altavian Fusion™ payloads are the most advanced payloads available on the market. The Fusion MP11 offers basic entry-level mapping capability while the Fusion MP22 extends those capabilities with a full range of options to configure the camera, lens, GPS, INS, and a controller for more demanding data specifications.

To complete the new line up, Altavian is also introducing Flare™ an all-new ground station software suite for in-flight control and management of Altavian drones. Flare allows operators to stay focused on flight safety with a clean, user-friendly interface that provides advanced mission planning and data management.

Altavian Sales Manager, Kevin Choate underscores the importance of a complete technology stack:

“I spent eight years as a field operator and I cannot stress enough the importance of deploying a system with a robust track record. Altavian has built not just two great mapping platforms, but an infrastructure to keep them flying.”

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