Attempted smuggling of cellphones by hexacopter into Brazilian prison.

Emulating a 2009 drug smuggling attempt in the UK by toy helicopter criminals in Brazil have attempted to fly cellphones across the fence to inmates. This might not be the first attempt, whoever constructed the craft made a neat job using cable tidies and laying out the platform in an ordered manner.

The flight controller appears to be a Chinese DJI NAZA  this craft if GPS equipped could have been flown visually over the fence and then returned to launch position at the flick of a switch. But from the press photo the GPS appears to be missing, perhaps they will go for the upgrade now.

Naza and optional GPS

Basic systems can be found without GPS for $600 on ebay

With a fairly heavy payload the platform would not have been able to fly for long,perhaps ten minutes at the most. Whoever was operating it was not far from the prison.

Perhaps a simple GPS jammer also available from China could be purchased by prisons to solve this threat.

The Military Police President Wenceslas (611 km from Sao Paulo) found early on Wednesday (30) a kind of mini-helicopter, directed by remote control, with seven cell phones on board.

The model aircraft was found on the shores of the Raposo Tavares highway, and the suspicion is that the phones would be launched within the prison P-2, considered maximum security and located near the highway. Onsite convicted criminals considered highly hazardous, including members of the PCC (First Command of the Capital). The PM did not arrest any suspect of being responsible for the operation.

The device was found by an employee of the highway concessionaire, the Cart (Auto Dealership Raposo Tavares), announced that the Military Police. The PM said that for now, no more details about the case because doing skills on site. This is not the first time associates of criminals who are trying to infiltrate the prison equipment and drugs in prison so bold. In 2009, a similar action was also attempted with the aid of a mini-helicopter. Four people were arrested. Last year, twice in January and August, we tried to enter the jail cell by using a bow and arrows. Four people were caught by military police, two of them teenagers.

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  1. Logitech
    1 June 2012 at 3:34 pm

    There never would have been a GPS on a NAZA since they are not available as of yet, and without a GPS they are only $230, not $600. This was also attempted in Thailand last year with a toy RC helicopter with phones, drugs and cash on board.

  2. Guest
    16 June 2012 at 12:33 am

    The hexacopter was found by the Presidente Venceslau Military Police, not “The Military Police President Wenceslas”. “Presidente Venceslau” is the name of a town.

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